Premier must allow unprecedented Supreme Court case to proceed to completion

WA Liberal Party leader David Honey has called on Premier Mark McGowan to ensure that the unprecedented court case between the Labor-chaired Parliamentary Privilege Committee and the Corruption and Crime Commission is allowed to proceed to completion.
“In Question Time in Parliament yesterday, the Premier refused to rule out the Government withdrawing from and preventing a ruling in the court case before the Supreme Court launched by the President of the Legislative Council against the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission and Darren Foster and Nigel Pratt,” Dr Honey said.
“The hearings into this important court case are complete and we are simply waiting for the court to finalise its decision.
“Our concern is that the Labor Government will attempt to withdraw from the case with the change to the new President of the Legislative Council on 22nd May.
“The Premier yesterday refused to rule out the government preventing the completion of this case.
“It is critical that this case reaches conclusion so that the public has complete trust and a clear understanding of the respective roles of parliament, parliamentary privilege and investigative agencies such as the CCC.
“These concerns are even more significant given the release of yesterday’s bombshell Procedure and Privileges Report tabled by outgoing President Kate Doust.”