Land release for houses declines while demand soars

The Shadow Treasurer Dr Steve Thomas said confirmation by the State Government last week that the number of residential lots being delivered to the marketplace was declining was contributing to the housing crisis in Western Australia.
“The Government has now acknowledged in Parliament that the number of residential lots approved has dropped from 11,058 in 2017-18 to 8,856 last financial year” Dr Thomas said. “That is a drop of 2,202 lots or 20%.”
During Parliamentary question time Dr Thomas asked for the number of residential lots delivered in each financial since the election of the McGowan Government.
The response indicated the following –
2017-18 – 11,058 residential lots
2018-19 – 10,570 residential lots
2019-20 –  8,856 residential lots
Dr Thomas said the decline in the number of lots released was of deep concern given the current housing crisis gripping the entire state, and was reflected by the most recent State Lot Activity Report by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.
“The March Quarter report shows a decline in approvals across the board since the McGowan Government was elected. It demonstrates that –

  • Residential final approvals are down from an average of 14,614 per annum under the previous Government to 10,186 under the McGowan Government, a decline of 30%.
  • Rural residential and special rural final approvals are down from 567 to 297 per annum on average or 48%
  • Industrial lot annual average final approvals are down from 253 to 183 or 28% on average.”

“How can the Government get people into homes if there are not enough blocks to build them on, and how can it justify this significant decline.”
Dr Thomas said that the decline in final approval rate in regional areas was even worse.
“In regional areas the decline was 57% in residential lot final approval and 70% for industrial lot final approval.”