Staff safety compromised yet again after third COVID-19 PPE breach

The McGowan Government has put staff at one of our major tertiary hospitals at risk yet again due to their failure to implement proper COVID-19 PPE protocols, Shadow Health Minister Libby Mettam said.
Her comments come after two staff were told to isolate immediately following a breach of protocols during the transfer of a COVID-19 patient in a lift at Fiona Stanley Hospital yesterday.
It follows a similar breach at Geraldton Hospital earlier this month where another staff member was also forced to isolate, and dozens of patients and staff were ordered to be tested for COVID-19 during a botched transfer of a positive case.
“We are 18 months into this pandemic and it’s obvious the McGowan Government still has its trainer wheels on when it comes to managing and implementing effective COVID-19 PPE protocols when transferring patients,” Ms Mettam said.
“It actually defies belief that this is the third breach of this kind since April and yet we need another investigation to ensure “lessons are learnt” so that more staff and patients aren’t put at risk in the future.
“Clearly, the part-time Health Minister is scrambling to try and deflect blame for yet another breach under his watch.
“It is absolutely not good enough and both the staff and patients deserve to know why their safety has been compromised, particularly when we know Fiona Stanley Hospital has been under extreme pressure in the last week with multiple Code Yellows called due to a lack of beds.
“It’s clear the Health Minister is asleep at the wheel, distracted by his multiple other portfolios, and our hospital staff are paying the price.”
This month’s two incidents follow a similar one at Royal Perth Hospital in April where staff members entered an elevator before it had been cleaned.