Union-backed Committee Chair should step down

The inquiry into Western Australia’s ambulance services must be Chaired by an independent Member of Parliament.
“It is in the best interests of accountability and transparency, that the Chair of the Public Administration Committee steps down given his strong Union connection and his obvious vested interest in the United Workers Union,” said Shadow for Health Libby Mettam.
“It is essential the Chair of the committee goes into the inquiry with an open mind.
“While Committee proceedings have already begun, we need to ensure that we get this review right and that taxpayer resources are utilised in the best interests of Western Australians. Unfortunately, this blatant attempt to appease the United Workers Union does not pass the pub test.
“In relation to accountability, St John’s is the only ambulance service in the country that provides the ramping figures on their website, something this Government tried to bury when coming to office and will no doubt attempt to bury with this proposed union-backed takeover.
“The report on Government Services produced by the Productivity Commission noted that in 2019-20, WA’s expenditure per head of population for ambulance services was $47 less per person less than the national average.
“The McGowan Government can’t even get people into hospital beds, how on earth do they think they can run an ambulance service, and attract the volunteer workforce which this not for profit charity organisation has attracted.
“It is pretty clear the United Workers Union’s push for greater membership through the public sector takeover of the ambulance service has shaped this inquiry and the priorities of a Government that’s drunk on power.”