TAB sale announcement sprung in Parliament raises more questions than answers

Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming Peter Rundle has questioned the announcement by the Labor Government in Parliament to recommence the sale of the West Australian TAB.
“The announcement by the Minister for Racing and Gaming has again thrown up more questions than answers when it comes to the sale of the TAB,” Mr Rundle said.
“A new sale process was apparently needed due to changes in market conditions but there was no detail provided in the Minister’s statement about what that process looks like.
“It is typical of this Labor Government to show a lack of transparency, and questions should rightly be asked about what has changed in the market to require an overhaul of the sale process.”
Mr Rundle noted the racing industry will continue to be consulted throughout the sale process but expressed concern over Labor’s track record of engaging with stakeholders on major decisions.
“The Minister has said that an industry working party would be established, but we know from the ban on hardwood logging, consultative arrangements with this Government are virtually non-existent,” Mr Rundle said.
“The Opposition has little faith in any assurance that industry will have meaningful and collaborative input, especially since the expressions of interest period will close next month.”
When the Opposition asked questions during Parliament about what assurances would be in place for future funding arrangements, the Premier gave non-committal answers.
“Previously when TAB was up for sale, there was an iron clad promise that whoever bought it would continue to fund the industry into the future, but that appears to have been taken off the table,” Mr Rundle said.
“Western Australia’s racing industry needs a solid commitment that they will be financed going forward, regardless of who purchases TAB.”