Labor must not squander Scarborough LNG project opportunity to transition WA to a clean energy economy

Leader of the WA Liberal Party, Dr David Honey MLA, welcomed the go-ahead of Woodside’s new Scarborough natural gas development.
“This is a significant project in helping to secure a clean energy future for our State. Natural gas is an important transition fuel towards achieving a clean energy economy that will drive Western Australia’s growth over the next 50 years,” said Dr Honey.
“It is important to remember that natural gas is a lower emission source compared to coal and is extensively used by several of our key trade partners.
“Our clean energy future can best be supported if the Labor Government takes immediate action to secure major investment in future renewable energies in Western Australia, such as hydrogen.
“The tragic reality is that Western Australia has lost billions of dollars in green hydrogen investment because of the abject failure of the Labor Government.
“For example, Andrew Forrest has been forced to invest billions of dollars interstate because Labor could not give his company the necessary security of land tenure for his planned green hydrogen facilities in Western Australia.
“Instead of encouraging a new green hydrogen industry in Western Australia, the State Labor Government’s mismanagement is ensuring that Western Australians are missing out on a massive new skilled-jobs creating industry in our State over the next 50 years.
“With proper government planning, Western Australia could become world leaders in hydrogen production because our State has outstanding renewable energy resources and other key advantages in energy expertise, infrastructure, location and global relationships.
“Unfortunately, Western Australia is at real risk of missing out on this massive economic bonanza because the Labor Government has consistently demonstrated it lacks the ability to properly manage our State such as creating a visionary and effective plan for the creation of new industries including green hydrogen in Western Australia.
“This will come as a massive disappointment to Western Australians seeking to reduce carbon emissions and wanting a secure future for themselves and their children.
“The opportunity created by the Scarborough natural gas development to transition to a cleaner energy economy should not be squandered by the incompetence of the Labor Government.” said Dr Honey.