“Ctrl your summer job” campaign turns out to be another tiptoe through the tulips

Shadow Minister for Small Business Dr Steve Thomas has welcomed the acknowledgement in State Parliament from the Regional Development Minister that only 73 applications have been received for 123 positions under the “ctrl you summer job” program she announced over a month ago to find young workers for the Busselton and Margaret River hospitality industries, and that of these only 3 have so far been given jobs.
“Like the Government’s last regional employment failure, the “Work and Wander out Yonder” program, this new version has delivered a lot of hype, a little hope, and very little results,” Dr Thomas said.
“The Work and Wander out Yonder ads suggested that fruit pickers could wander merrily down the aisles stopping occasionally to pick a piece of fruit. It was a fanciful misrepresentation that could not be believed.
“It resulted in a completely unrealistic view of what farm work entails.”
“A month after the launch of this new jobs marketing piece it appears to be another well meaning thought bubble that will not fix the problem,” Dr Thomas said.
“Three successes to date, when the peak tourist season is already upon us, can hardly be called a raging success.
“Once again the government marketing team is tiptoeing through the tulips instead of rolling up their sleeves and really getting down to work.
“Once again, the Government is trying to make a good news story out of a thought bubble policy.”