Shocking rate of nurse resignations highlight McGowan Governments failure to put patients and health workers first

New figures released in Parliament illustrated 1872 registered and enrolled nurses have ceased employment in the 7 month period between April and November this year.
“The 1,872 figure means that more nurses have quit in just eight months in 2021 than all nurse resignations for each year between 2016/17 and 2019/20,” said Shadow for Health Libby Mettam.
This equates to about eight or nine nurses who have pulled the pin every day (1,872 / 216 days) which compares to a rate of 6/day in 2020/21, 4.5/day in 2019/20, 4.8 /day in 2018/19, 4.8/day in 2017/18 and 4.8/day in 2016/17.
“The concern with these resignations is not just the sheer numbers, but also the experience that is being lost.
“We must continue to invest in our new graduate nurses but it is essential this is complimented by nurses who have been in the system for a long time.
“With a health system on its knees and borders opening to COVID shortly, we need to ensure that we have the necessary staff to deal with this pandemic.
“With less just 39% of health workers feeling “valued and recognised” and a government who has thrown junior workers under the bus, and four years of under resourcing of the health system, it is clear this Minister has completely dropped the ball on supporting this valued workforce.
“Western Australians will ultimately pay the price for the McGowan Government’s failure to support our health workers and properly invest in our health system.”