McGowan Government’s COVID preparedness an appalling mess

Shadow Treasurer and Small Business Minister, the Hon Dr Steve Thomas MLC, has criticised the McGowan Government’s lack of COVID readiness despite being handed a “holy grail” economic situation.
“This Government has been gifted a mining boom pouring revenue into its coffers, but has failed to convert that into strategic positioning for this pandemic or economic reform for a brighter future.
“The Premier may have managed the border closure, but he has failed to adequately manage either the inevitable outbreak of COVID or the impending border opening.
“The easy part of the pandemic was to lock people out; the hard part is to manage the virus now that its here and return the community to some semblance of normality.
“While he handled border well it’s his management and preparation that was really the most crucial, and most neglected aspect throughout the pandemic.
“The Premier tried to present a glossy picture of his achievements in his Premier’s statement yesterday, but it needs to be acknowledged that the overall financial position of the state is more because of the good iron ore price than proper economic management.
“There was no vision in his statement for economic reform and no tax reform.
“Nor was there any meaningful service reform, which probably still hangs on his failed Machinery of Government changes which have been unable to demonstrate any real benefit for the state.”
“I believe people are also beginning to understand that reopening is more complicated than closing, as much as the Premier seems to think otherwise,” said Dr Thomas.
Dr Thomas said the business community is left with little support, being left to do all the work with minimal direction from an uncaring WA Labor Government.
“The business industry has been asked to do all heavy lifting with compliance and restrictions, with little relief,” said Dr Thomas.