RATs debacle costs WA taxpayers $1.4million in charter flights

Revelations that the McGowan Government has spent at least $1.4 million to charter flights to urgently deliver rapid antigen tests (RATs) into WA highlights the complete incompetence of the government in its COVID preparedness.
“After two years to prepare, it’s extraordinary that WA taxpayers have forked out $1.4 million to charter RATs into WA because the McGowan Government didn’t order them in time,” Shadow Health Minister Libby Mettam said.
“At the same time, a local supplier was shipping RATs over east, bypassing WA, because the McGowan Government failed to follow up.
“It is simply astounding and a woeful use of taxpayers money and represents the complete incompetence of the McGowan Government.
“While the rest of the world has been using RATs for months, this government banned them until January 10 this year and has now been scrambling to get a supply.”
Ms Mettam said the Health Minister’s continual inability to say when they were ordered and why they were ordered so late points to a Minister on the back foot that refuses to be transparent with the people of Western Australia.