Government should announce level two triggers

Shadow Treasurer, the Hon Dr Steve Thomas MLC, has called on the Premier to announce the triggers that will either see level two restrictions removed or see those restrictions extended into the future.
“The business community and the wider public are screaming out for certainty and consistency, but the Government is still not interested in delivering either,” Dr Thomas said.
“Having clear and easy to understand rules and being told what the trigger points are is critical to business because they have to plan their operations weeks or months in advance. Constantly changing the rules is constantly damaging businesses, in some cases to the point of closure.
“Surely it is obvious to everyone that many businesses cannot survive more months of uncertainty.”
Dr Thomas said the potential extension of level two restriction was a sword hanging over the heads of many businesses, especially those in the entertainment and events industries.
“The Premier might be happy to give a few days’ notice of changes, but in doing so he is not just damaging business confidence, he is damaging business viability,’ he said.
“Rather than threatening to extend the level two restrictions, I am calling on the Premier to tell us what parameters or triggers would see him extend those restrictions.
“Then business can plan for the future with some confidence.
“We also need to know what infection rate, hospitalisation rate and ICU rate will trigger the removal of level two restrictions and see WA go back to level one.
“What will be the response when the state does hit its peak infection rate?
“It is not good enough for the Premier to keep these critical decision-making factors a secret, and if the triggers don’t exist the Premier has been neglectful in his duties.
“The community of Western Australia, especially the business community, is capable of a mature and sensible debate on the issue of restrictions, but the Government’s lack of clarity means that debate is currently meaningless,” said Dr Thomas.
“How many businesses have to be sacrificed before that clarity is delivered?”