Time for G2G system to be dropped

The Opposition has called for the State’s G2G Pass system to be dropped, saying it was an unnecessary burden for travellers given Western Australia no longer has a hard border.
Opposition Leader Mia Davies said there were other ways to check vaccination status, using certificates and the ServiceWA app.
“We have a highly vaccinated population, COVID-19 already in our community, and other methods of checking vaccinations, making the G2G Pass redundant,” Ms Davies said.
“Why should people who want to visit loved ones, conduct business, or simply see what Western Australia has to offer, not be allowed to just show their vaccine certificate?
“WA remains the only state or territory in the country to still use border passes – it is time for the G2G Pass requirement to be removed.”
Ms Davies said the G2G Pass had not only caused unnecessary frustration for travellers, but also took up police resources and time as officers remain posted at WA’s borders.
“The application has been consuming vital police resources that could be better directed elsewhere,” she said.
“Through Operation Tide, we know there are as many as 200 police officers tasked with managing and checking the G2G Pass system, including at our borders and airports.
“This drain on vital staff in the WA Police force comes as we see out-of-control youth crime in regional WA and vicious, unprovoked attacks in Northbridge.
“The G2G Pass should be dropped to allow police to resume their usual duties, and if the Premier won’t bin the requirement, then he should at least reveal an end date.”
Ms Davies said West Australians finally had a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel with Level 2 restrictions being eased from next week.
“We have been calling for this certainty for weeks and welcome the announcement by the Premier so that businesses, community organisations and those trying to plan events in coming weeks can get on with it.
“We have opened our borders, and in the McGowan Government’s own words, our hospitals are coping with COVID-19 in the community.
“We now call on the Government to provide clarity and justification for the mandates that remain in place and for how long the State of Emergency provisions will remain in place.
“The West Australian public deserves transparency when it comes to rules and restrictions that impact their lives and livelihoods.”