WA Labor at long last listens to Opposition’s calls for more police

After months of denial from WA Labor and Police Minister Paul Papalia, more police have finally been promised for crime hotspot, Northbridge.
Shadow Minister for Police, the Hon Peter Collier MLC, said the committal for increased police presence is a good first step, but there is a long way to go.
“The Opposition has been calling for a long time for the State Government to commit to more police in Northbridge and other hotspot areas like Scarborough and Hillarys.
“For months, Minister Papalia has viciously attacked the Opposition, claiming we have been attacking police, when we’ve simply called for competent management by the State Government.
“The police aren’t the problem, they’re doing a terrific job – it’s the State Governments poor management of police resources that’s been the issue.
“Minister Papalia has also been claiming that a lack of police in these areas has not been an issue under this Government.
“If that’s the case then why has he needed to divert COVID police directly into Northbridge? He has either been ignorant of the facts or he has finally acknowledged what everyone else has known for ages – that Northbridge has a crime problem, particularly on the weekend.”
Mr Collier said Northbridge is just one of the many known areas in Perth experiencing rampant crime.
“We’re seeing the same kind of anti-social behaviour reflected in other similar hotspot areas, such as Scarborough and Hillarys, places that should typically be family friendly are instead being avoided in droves.
“Since coming into power in 2017, violent crime has sky-rocketed nearly 20 per cent State-wide under this Government while they’ve essentially outright refused to acknowledge it.
“We need long lasting solutions that are going to curb the violent crime problem. The single most effective measure to overcome the crime problem is places like Northbridge is to increase police presence. At last, the Minister has listened to the Opposition,” said Mr Collier