Time to reveal METRONET’s timetable

Shadow Minister for METRONET, the Hon Tjorn Sibma, has called for the State Government to provide the Western Australian public with a clearer understanding of the METRONET project schedule.
“With the scoping of the project now complete, the Government must provide clear project delivery milestones, and the likely impact it will have on existing rail users,” Mr Sibma said
“It’s important that Western Australians are made aware of what those project milestones are, and an early understanding of when disruptions to travel will occur.
“It would not be difficult to add a section to the METRONET website that details when people can expect works near them to affect their daily travel options.”
Mr Sibma said that service disruptions are an inevitable part of a project the scale of METRONET, but there was no reason that Western Australians can’t be made aware of what those disruptions will look like.
“This isn’t a criticism of closures as we understand they need to occur – this is a constructive suggestion that the Government should deliver or explain to the public why they cannot be transparent.
“The Government appears to be managing the public’s expectations of when the project will be delivered by simply not publishing any project milestones.
“Today’s revelation that Midland line will close from September 23rd means that we now know when the Airport Line will be closed before the Government have given us a date of opening.
“Western Australians deserve more information about a project with a budget that now exceeds $7.5 billion, said Mr Sibma.