Another change in business compensation welcome as an acknowledgment of previous failures

Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Small Business Dr Steve Thomas says he again welcomes the State Government’s announcement of yet more changes to their business support packages, saying the changes are yet another acknowledgment of the inadequacy.
“A month ago, the Premier had to partially correct his compensation packages because they were too hard to use and the criteria didn’t make sense, so I welcome today’s changes as another improvement on the packages that were obviously inadequate,” Dr Thomas said.
“I am pleased to see that more businesses will be eligible to apply for small business hardship grants and that the amount they can qualify for has been increased.
“The Government has still not yet learned the simple lesson however that comparing turnover in a small business this year to a period last year when they were already in a COVID downturn is ridiculous.
“Once again the Government is asking businesses that suffered a massive drop last year to prove another significant drop on top of that to qualify.
“This should not be the case.”
Dr Thomas said the timing of the changes proved they were actually an admission of failure to date.
“It’s funny that right when almost all restrictions are lifted the McGowan Government is changing the compensation and support model,” he said.
“It has been announced one day after announcement of the easing of restrictions and one day before they are actually removed.
“The timing is surely recognition that Mark McGowan is once again having to admit that he got it wrong.
“I am happy to credit the Government for keeping COVID out until vaccination rates were high, but the business impacts have been substantial, and this has been the Government’s greatest failure.”