Public housing numbers still increasing

Figures released by the Labor Government yesterday show that the number of people on the public housing waitlist has increased to 33,084 as of 30 April 2022.
Of these, 8,105 are priority applicants.
This is an increase of 9,156 individuals since June 2020.
“Since June 2020, there has been a 38 percent increase in the number of people waiting to access secure and affordable public housing,” said Shadow Housing Minister Steve Martin MLC.
“In the last month alone, over 211 people have joined the waitlist. However, they will be waiting a long time with a two-to-three-year average wait,” said Mr Martin.
“Over 1,300 applicants have been waiting over 6 years to access public housing, and there are no signs of improvement.
“Despite the ongoing housing crisis, the WA Labor Government have failed to make any real difference to improving the number of public houses in WA.
“There are 10 less homes now than there were in June 2020, but over 9,156 more people waiting for a placement.
“It is simply not good enough,” said Mr Martin.
“The government must act immediately to alleviate the pressure on the housing waitlist and get the numbers under control.”