Housing crisis will worsen with widespread increases to household bills

Housing is becoming even harder for Western Australians to access due to increases in household bills, according to Shadow Minister for Housing, Steve Martin MLC.
“Since June 2020, the number of people waiting to access priority public housing has increased by 316% and the public housing waitlist has grown by over 9,000 people.
“Western Australian’s are clearly struggling to keep up with increases to the cost of living,” said Mr Martin.
“Increases to a range of government fees and charges will make it even harder for those looking to rent or buy homes.”
However, the State Government has provided little relief for renters and people on the housing waitlist.
“With over 210 people added to the rapidly growing public housing waitlist last month, an increase in rent prices and a growing backlog of house-builds, the State Budget will do little to ease the immediate crisis facing many Western Australians.
“The Labor State Government have failed to give the people of Western Australia substantial relief from household bills in this year’s State Budget.
“Premier McGowan had the opportunity to make a real difference to the cost of living for Western Australians and he has fallen short,” said Mr Martin.
“In the last month alone, over 211 people have joined the waitlist. However, they will be waiting a long time with a two-to-three-year average wait,” said Mr Martin.
“Over 1,300 applicants have been waiting over 6 years to access public housing, and there are no signs of improvement.
“There are 10 less homes now than there were in June 2020, but over 9,000 more people waiting for a placement.
“It is simply not good enough,” said Mr Martin.
“I urge the Labor Government to freeze government fees and charges to help Western Australians deal with the brunt of increasing cost-of-living pressures.”