Water Corp’s rebranding exercise a brazen waste of funds

Today’s revelation on 6PR Mornings with Liam Bartlett that the Water Corporation used funds on a rebranding exercise demonstrates poor judgement in the midst of increasing fees and charges for water by WA Labor, according to WA Liberal Leader and Shadow Minister for Water, Dr David Honey MLA.

As well as an unnecessary spend on branding, the Water Corporation did not inform Water Minister, Dave Kelly, who is overseeing rising water fees in this economically turbulent time, and spearheaded the infamous native logging ban, wiping out a vital regional WA industry.

“While I commend the Minister’s ultimate disapproval of the use of funds towards rebranding, it comes too late to prevent wasting $148,000 and raises concerns as to why the Water Corporation is not consulting its Minister on such matters,” Dr Honey said.

“It makes you wonder whether or not the Water Corporation take Mr Kelly seriously.

“While the State Labor Government sits on a $5.7 billion dollar surplus, Western Australians are hit with further hikes to fees and charges such as water and power going up 2.5% while driver’s licence fees are set to increase by 6.4%.

“If anything, Water Corporation should be working on ways to reduce water charges. They and the Government should be easing cost of living pressures and not focussing on a rebranding exercise.

“Rather than vanity spending by taxpayer owned entities on rebranding, the State Government should consider opening the mining royalty war chest to ease rising cost-of-living charges.

“I will be following up in Parliament this week to ask Minister Kelly about the state of discretionary spending in his departments.”