Meekatharra Hospital upgrades still in limbo under Labor

The Opposition slammed the McGowan Labor Government for failing to deliver on promises to upgrade Meekatharra Hospital, with hospital developments not planned until the Budget out years.

Opposition Leader Mia Davies raised a grievance in Parliament and used Question Time this week to push the Health Minister on when the Mc Gowan Labor Government would make good it’s election promise from 2017 to build a new health facility for the town.

“The McGowan Labor Government has failed to deliver on the promises it made, leaving the families and local residents who rely on the health services it provides struggling with a sub-standard building,” Ms Davies said.

“When questioned about the timeline the Minister avoided the question with no answer on why her Government had failed to even set a start date for a project they promised five years ago.”

Ms Davies said the community of Meekatharra hadn’t forgotten the McGowan Labor Government axed the project when it first came to Government in 2017.

“We’re asking how long they have to wait for a decent hospital, that will support the community and assist in the attraction and retention of health professionals to the district,” she said.

“The Premier is sitting on a massive $5.7 billion surplus, while Meekatharra Hospital sits there as an empty election promise with no start date and no certainty it will be delivered.”

Shadow Regional Health Minister Martin Aldridge said Labor had a track record of failing regional West Australians, but the buck should stop at vital hospital upgrades.

“Once again, the McGowan Labor Government has failed regional communities, stalling upgrades to Geraldton Hospital and failing to deliver on Laverton Hospital,” Mr Aldridge said.

“I didn’t think we would see such dishonesty from the Health Minister who refused to give clarity around when upgrades to Meekatharra Hospital will start.

“The community deserves answers and, more importantly, improved health services, not more delays and a shirking of responsibility by the Health Minister.

“The McGowan Labor Government is flush with cash – it is an embarrassment for them to not deliver on their promise from five years ago while sitting on a $5.7 billion surplus.”