Police resignations at new high as WA Labor fails to support WA Police

Shadow Minister for Police, the Hon Peter Collier MLC, has revealed staggering numbers of WA Police resignations after questioning during Estimates hearings in Parliament last month.

It was revealed that between January and May this year there were 236 resignations, nearly topping the numbers for the entirety of 2021 (243).

In June WA Police saw 60 resignations, doubling the average monthly resignation rate.

The numbers for Police and staff seeking mental health and support services have seen a 237% increase since 2016.

Despite the massive increase in those seeking support, the number of Police officers and staff have only risen 13% state-wide since then.

“This is a disgrace and it’s no wonder we have skyrocketing violent crime in WA, going up 20% since 2017.

“We’re seeing second-rate support for WA Police and staff, no doubt leading to the record resignation numbers.

“The Police Minister is happy to make glitzy announcements and boast about record recruitments, but it’s a nonsense when you have WA’s most experienced police officers leaving in droves.

“Police are going through one door and coming out the other and the State Government are only looking at those coming in.

“For Minister Cook to blame the high numbers of police resignations being due to job opportunities as a result of a ‘booming economy’ is classic Labor Party spin. In reality, it’s their extremely poor management,” said Mr Collier.

“Western Australians deserve better management of our Police force from our State Government.”