Clock is ticking to comment on new Crown land diversification options

The McGowan Government’s proposed amendments to the Land Administration Act 1997 (LAA) have progressed with the Minister for Lands, John Carey releasing the Exposure Draft of the Proposed Policy Framework guiding the use of Diversification Leases on Crown land.

“With approximately 92% of Western Australia classified as Crown land – including unallocated or subject to reservation, dedication or leasing – the proposed new arrangements could have far reaching consequences,” said the Shadow Minister for Lands, the Hon Neil Thomson MLC.

“The reforms have potentially complex implications, and I will be particularly vigilant on identifying unintended impacts on the rights of existing lease holders.

“Sections within the exposure draft will need detailed scrutiny, such as the power for the Minister for Lands to consider the grant of an option to lease in cases where specific project details and/or the affected land area(s) are yet to be confirmed,” said Mr Thomson.

Mr Thomson continued, “There also needs to be clarity about the process of rating of the lands by local government and who will be responsible for the higher values assigned to the land by the Valuer General when a third party is involved.

“There are also positive aspects of the reforms that industry has been seeking for many years and hopefully this process will allow for diversification to be rolled out in a considered manner.

“Noting the problems identified in the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill, which was rushed through parliament, it is essential that people consider making a submission on the exposure draft prior
to close on 13 August 2022 to inform the drafting process,” said Mr Thomson. LINK