Opposition welcomes Western Australia’s 34th Governor, Mr Chris Dawson APM

The State Opposition has officially welcomed Mr Chris Dawson APM to the role of Governor of Western Australia at his investiture held at Government House.

Mr Dawson APM has become the 34th Governor to sign the oath to represent Her Majesty the Queen as Western Australia’s Head of State.  

“Governor Dawson’s 46-year career in the WA Police Force, where he rose to the highest rank in the State with distinction, is the perfect foundation for the new role,” Opposition Leader Mia Davies said.  

“In more recent times, Mr Dawson has been at the forefront of the State Government’s response to the COVID pandemic, a significant challenge.

“The newly installed Governor’s career has been expansive, whether it was the back blocks of our huge State earning the trust of regional communities or inner suburbs of Perth, or the senior roles that required him to lead at a national or international level.

“All tasks were acquitted with dignity and respect.”

Ms Davies also acknowledged the outgoing Governor Hon Kim Beazley OAM for his service in the role.

“Mr Beazley has dedicated much of his career to our State’s growth through public service,” Ms Davies said.

“Mr Beazley’s tenure has been underscored by a genuine and deep affection for the people of Western Australia and their well-being, and a deep-rooted sense of public service.

“He has been a welcome visitor in all corners of the State and has returned that hospitality and respect by creating space and time at Government House for hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors.

“The commitment to the people of Western Australia is a passion both men share.

“Best wishes to Mr Beazley OAM and Ms Susie Annus, and congratulations to Mr Chris Dawson APM for his appointment as WA’s 34th Governor.”