Peel Health workers remain in unnecessary sick leave limbo

The Opposition says the McGowan Government must provide certainty to Peel Health Campus workers who fear they will lose their sick leave as a result of the new public hospital agreement and the transition of the Peel Health Campus from Ramsay Health to a State run facility in August 2023.

It is understood under the new arrangements, Ramsay Health Care staff will have the opportunity to transition to the public sector, employed by the South Metropolitan Health Service, and retain their prior service, long service leave and paid parental leave entitlements.

There is broad concern amongst staff that when they start new contracts with the state their accumulated sick leave will not be carried over at a time when the state still confronts significant issues with the COVID pandemic, which may have profound medical or illness impacts due to the front line nature of their work.

“Given it was the McGowan Govts decision to bring these services back into the public sector they should also ensure these workers are no worse off and enable them to retain their accumulated sick leave provisions,” said Shadow for Health Libby Mettam.

“I have read countless emails from dedicated health workers who feel they have become an afterthought of the McGowan Government when it comes to their sick leave entitlements.

“I also wrote the Minister for Health last month on behalf of these health workers and it’s extraordinary this uncertainty remains regarding these sick leave entitlements.

“This adds to growing concern about the ability of Peel health campus to be able to retain staff, including those working in specialist areas going forward.

“At a time when our health workers are already feeling overworked in a stretched hospital system it’s extraordinary the McGowan Govt would be adding more uncertainty for these workers.”