Minister fails $2 billion transparency test

Shadow METRONET Minister, Tjorn Sibma has said there is little to celebrate with the Government finally setting a date for the commencement of services on Forrestfield Airport Link.

Forrestfield Airport Link was due to commence services in 2020, however following problems with tunnel boring and site issues the government put the commencement date back to late 2021.

Two months following the election, the commencement date was delayed again until mid-2022.

“Forrestfield Airport Link is now two years late, with zero transparency around the cause for the delays that have seen the project commencement pushed back time after time.

“The Minister’s failure to be transparent on the reasons for the delay, paints a grim forecast for the rest of the $10billion METRONET project.

“The Minister expects West Australians to be celebrating the announcement of the commencement of services from October, yet all it does is highlight the poor project management on works that make up 45% of the Government’s total asset investment program.”

Due to further delays with construction at Bayswater Station, Forrestfield Airport Link is due to close again ‘early next year’.

“Because the Government can’t schedule its works appropriately, FAL will only be open a few months before it again has to close due to the failure to get Baywater Station ready on time.

“The Minister appears to be using this as an example of how not to manage a project.” Mr Sibma said that the Minister has demonstrated that she cannot manage the delivery of METRONET.

“This is another example of a failing Minister with too much on her plate, leading to poor outcomes for West Australians.”

Recently, for the second time, the Auditor General has recommended to the Government regular reporting to Parliament and the public on the cost, time and status of major projects.

“With METRONET making up 45% of the Government’s asset investment program over the next few years, the failure to keep the public and the Parliament informed as to the reasons for project delays represents a staggering lack of accountability,” said Mr Sibma.