Labor refuses to use Fuel Watch to keep petrol prices in check

The McGowan Labor Government has refused to use the full scope of Fuel Watch powers to ensure motorists are not ripped off at the bowser in coming weeks.

Shadow Minister for Commerce Peter Rundle used Question Time this week to press the Government on how it plans to ensure motorists won’t pay more than they should as excise returns to its full rate, but the Minister avoided the question.

“There is a very real concern out there that as excise increases by 22.1 cents per litre, opportunistic fuel retailers may overcharge for fuel under the cover of rising rate of excise,” Mr Rundle said.

“While WA families are struggling to make ends meet, the Minister for Commerce appears unwilling to put their minds at ease and have Fuel Watch use its powers to investigate the pricing behaviour of fuel companies.

“The Minister crowing about the strength of the economy means nothing to West Australian families who just want to know they won’t be ripped off when they fuel up next week.

“Fuel Watch is not limited to merely watch the price of fuel, it is legislated to be able to investigate pricing behaviours and has the power to be the tough cop on the beat we need.

“Having Fuel Watch actively investigate the behaviour of retailers will make a real difference and the Government must have it do so.”

Opposition Leader Mia Davies said the McGowan Labor Government should be pulling all the levers available to them, as cost-of-living pressures continue to bite the back pockets of West Australians.

“West Australians are suffering a cost-of-living crisis with the nation’s highest inflation, and with the temporary relief of fuel excise cuts ending, household budgets will only get tighter,” Ms Davies said.

“The Opposition has continually pushed for the McGowan Labor Government to do more to help ease financial strain felt by many West Australians, but our calls have been ignored.

“The Premier, as Treasurer, can freeze all Government fees and charges yet he refuses to dip into the huge $5.7 billion surplus to help those who need it most.

“West Australians deserve better than an arrogant Premier who boasts an overflowing bank account but refuses to ease the cost-of-living crisis.”