G2G data to be stored forever by COVID-obsessed McGowan Government

Shadow Minister for Police, the Hon Peter Collier MLC, has slammed the State Government after it was revealed in Parliament this week that Western Australian’s G2G data and information will be kept on the system for 25 years.

It was also revealed that once the 25 years has expired, the data will then be stored in the State Records Office indefinitely.

Mr Collier said it was totally unnecessary for the State Government to want to retain G2G information for so long.

“This is another perfect example of overreach on the part of the McGowan Government.

“To learn that they are going to retain all of the information they received from Western Australians for their G2G passes for 25 years – and then transfer it to the State Records office is astounding.

“This is despite the fact that we haven’t needed a G2G pass since April 30th of this year.

“The G2G was intended to be used as a tool to manage people coming into and out of Western Australia and to assist with contact tracing – why do they need it now?”

Mr Collier highlighted that this was yet another case of a government filled with self-importance and a compulsion for control.

“We have a State Government that is drunk on power, using its Parliamentary majority and heavy-handed tactics like this to retain control over the Western Australian public.

“The Labor Party are obsessed with maintaining COVID control while the remainder of the world is moving on.

“I doubt that many Western Australians would be aware that when they provided details of their G2G pass that the Government would be maintaining that information for 25 years – well after the pandemic has finished.

“I cannot conceive why the Labor Government would want to retain this information for a quarter of a century.

“To put their COVID obsession into perspective, the Government is currently bulldozing an Emergency Management Act through the Parliament which has a tenure of two years.

“In comparison, the same Labor Government is going to retain details of Western Australians that applied for a G2G pass that became redundant on April 30th for 25 years. It is inconceivable,” said Mr Collier.