Statement on the impending retirement of Alannah MacTiernan

The Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Dr Steve Thomas has today acknowledged the long political career of his frequent adversary and sparring partner, the Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC, and wished her well for the future.

“Alannah and I started our battles when we were both in the lower house of State Parliament in 2005” Dr Thomas said. At that time, she was the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure in the Gallop and Carpenter Governments.

“She left that chamber in 2010 to unsuccessfully contest the seat of Canning in the 2010 federal election but was successfully elected to the federal seat of Perth in 2013.

“In 2017 we were both elected to the Upper House, which is where Alannah started her state political career way back in 1993.

“I have always admired Alannah’s tenacity and work ethic” Dr Thomas said. “Whilst I have frequently disagreed with her on policy issues, I have always considered her to be a highly intelligent MP who makes a no-holds-barred contribution to the political fray and parliamentary debate.

“I hold Alannah in high esteem as a political opponent, and I will miss our frequent fiery debates.

“She has been both hard working and tenacious.

“I wish Alannah the best for the future, and if perhaps she retires to the beautiful city of Albany, I look forward to being one of her state representatives,” said Dr Thomas.