National-Liberal Opposition uplifts regions neglected by Labor

Opposition Leader and Leader of The Nationals WA Shane Love has slammed the McGowan Labor Government for abandoning its responsibility to all West Australians by failing to deliver the basics.

During his first speech to Parliament as Leader, Mr Love pointed to a confronting list of consequences impacting West Australians, as a result of the Premier’s failure to deliver over the past six years.

“The Premier has arrogantly refused to address the cost-of-living crisis, out-of-control youth crime, broken health system, long housing waitlist, and ongoing worker shortages,” Mr Love said.

“Meanwhile in regional communities, his Labor Government has suffocated local economies by shutting down sustainable industries without thought or care for the repercussions to all West Australians.”

Mr Love said cost-of-living pressures were biting the back pockets of all West Australians, yet the McGowan Labor Government refused to step up and help ease the impact of rising costs.

“In a State as wealthy as ours, with the Premier sitting on $13 billion in surpluses over three years, we should not have more than 116,000 children going hungry,” Mr Love said.

“In a State which feeds more than 50 other countries through our grain exports alone, no family should be skipping meals to keep the lights on.

“The National-Liberal Opposition put forward a $300 million plan to help non-for-profits who are stepping up to help vulnerable West Australians – we can only hope the Premier is listening.”

Mr Love said his focus in 2023 will be to amplify the voices of regional families and communities who have been silenced by the McGowan Labor Government.

“For six years, the Premier has systematically diminished the voice of regional communities, confirmed by the ripping of regional representation from Parliament through electoral reform,” Mr Love said.

“At the same time, the McGowan Labor Government has failed to provide proper services to regional WA, to the point where these communities are finding their own ways to support those around them.

“This is occurring right across the State, from the Mullewa Community Resource Centre running the local visitor centre to the Finlayson House Women’s Refuge in Kalgoorlie fundraising to expand accommodation for women and children in need.

“Whether you live in Marble Bar or Mandurah, your opportunities and outcomes should be the same, but this Government has failed to ensure every West Australian child has the same chance at life.

“In 2023, the National-Liberal Opposition will make sure that the challenges facing West Australians everyday are thrown into the spotlight and we will make sure regional voices are heard.