Headworks spend welcomed but not enough for regional WA

The National-Liberal Opposition has welcomed the announcement of $80 million to cut headworks costs across Western Australia but warned the spend won’t be enough for regional WA.

Opposition Leader Shane Love said the Premier’s development spend would only see $40 million delivered to the regions, which is a far cry from the fund announced by the National-Liberal Opposition last year.

“Our Regional Headworks Investment Fund would have seen $1 billion spent over ten years to unlock development and encourage land release in regional WA,” Mr Love said.

“The high cost of connecting water, power, and sewerage has put many in Local Government and the private sector offside when it comes to developing commercial, industrial and residential land.

“The National-Liberal Opposition’s Regional Headworks Investment Fund is a responsible, common-sense strategy to address housing constraints and support businesses in diversifying our State.

“Headworks support has been a priority issue, raised by the Regional CCI, Local Governments and the property industry – it was the Opposition who listened last year, the Premier has finally come to the party in a small way.

“Unfortunately, the $40 million spend for regional WA is a drop in the ocean compared to six years of underspend in regional areas by this McGowan Labor Government.”

Mr Love acknowledged the Premier and his Labor Government taking note of the Opposition’s policy, but said it was disappointing to see the limits put on the spend in regional WA.

“The Premier has been sitting on three years of surpluses, adding up to $13 billion, so he has plenty of cash in the State’s coffers to spend,” Mr Love said.

“The limited investment by the McGowan Labor Government in regional WA won’t be enough to deliver the vital housing and infrastructure developments needed to grow regional communities.

“While we support any move to address the critical housing shortages impacting the regions, the McGowan Labor Government knows the amount they’re investing doesn’t even scratch the surface.”