Future of live export backed in with petition launch

All West Australians will be encouraged in the coming weeks to back a campaign against the Labor
Federal Government’s plans to shut down the live sheep trade.

The campaign began with the launching of a petition by Member for Roe Peter Rundle, calling on the Federal Government to back science and overturn its ideological opposition to the job-creating

Shadow Agriculture Minister Colin de Grussa said the petition is a chance for West Australians to send the Albanese Government a message and show their support for local jobs.

“West Australians deserve to be treated with dignity and they deserve to be able to go to work each day knowing the Government isn’t going to shut their business down,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Live export is a vital part of the national economy that underwrites regional economies across WA, accounting for 97 per cent of national livestock exports.

“Our local industry leads the world in animal welfare and shutting down the trade will result in worse outcomes for sheep, both here and abroad.

“The Prime Minister needs to back science and back an industry that is responsible for thousands of West Australians’ livelihoods.

“I encourage all West Australians to stand up for common sense by signing the petition to demand Federal Labor reverses their reckless plan.”

Deputy Opposition Leader and Member for Roe Peter Rundle said the WA Premier’s claims of support for the live sheep trade will amount to nothing if he allows Canberra to shut it down.

“The Premier and his new Agriculture Minister have each stated their support for the live sheep industry continuing but that support is only worthwhile if they are successful in guaranteeing the future of the trade,” Mr Rundle said.

“The Albanese Government has shown the Premier’s position to be completely irrelevant to its decision making so far, choosing to back the sensibilities of urbanites over east instead of backing the scientific and economic reality that the trade should continue.

“If the Premier and his Agriculture Minister wish to be taken seriously, they will draw a line in the sand and tell the east coast Albanese Government to guarantee the continuation of the live sheep trade, now and into the future.

“This vital industry is responsible for over 3,000 jobs across the supply chain including transport providers, feed and pellets suppliers, the sheering industry, feed lot employees and other associated roles.”

To access the petition visit: https://bit.ly/41uGsaX.