Albanese Government’s shameless attack on live export

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and The Nationals WA Peter Rundle has condemned the Albanese Government’s shameless campaign to decimate the live export industry, following Labor’s announcement of a transition panel.

Mr Rundle said the audacity of Minister Watt to make the announcement in Perth was a heartless attack on the industry and proved the Albanese Government doesn’t care about West Australians who are reliant on the trade.

Mr Rundle also questioned the Premier and his Agriculture Minister Jackie Jarvis for failing in their duty to protect the sheep industry and the livelihoods of West Australian farmers and producers.

“West Australians must question whether the Premier and the Minster’s support was ever genuine,” Mr Rundle said.

“It is simply deceitful to claim you support the industry and WA producers but when the time comes to stand up, they roll over and accept this decision without so much as an attempt to halt the transition.

“The Premier has spent weeks since the Prime Minister’s visit refusing to confirm whether the shutdown of this crucial regional industry was discussed, but now we see the Premier and his Minister allowing the Albanese Government to trample all over them.

“This is outrageous from a State Government which claimed just weeks ago to support the $136 million industry which supports 3,000 West Australian jobs.

“With the Albanese Government refusing to listen to industry experts, and the McGowan Labor Government conveniently absent from the fight, it is up to all West Australians to make their voices heard by signing the petition against the live export ban.”

Shadow Agriculture and Food Minister Colin de Grussa said West Australians should be concerned that the Albanese Government won’t stop at ending just the live sheep trade.

“The live cattle industry will undoubtedly be under the microscope now, as Labor ploughs through with its plans to decimate the live sheep trade,” Mr de Grussa said.

“Western Australia provides 97 per cent of our nation’s live sheep exports and our local industry has world-leading animal welfare standards which will only decline if the WA trade is shut down, leaving sheep worse off both here and abroad.

“We’ve seen the same callous bans put on native forestry, demersal fishing, and coal mining by this McGowan Labor Government.

“We know the activists in the Labor Party won’t stop now – if you grow it, mine it, make it, or catch it, Labor Governments are not your ally.

“I encourage all West Australians to sign the petition to send the Albanese Government a message and show support for regional jobs.”

To sign the petition visit: