Raft of Gold Corp problems must be investigated

Opposition Leader Shane Love has reiterated his calls for an urgent Royal Commission into Gold Corporation, following the Premier’s embarrassing gaff in Parliament describing the issues at Perth Mint as a ‘storm in a teacup’.

In Parliament today, as a Matter of Public Interest, Mr Love called for a Royal Commission to be established, following serious allegations of money-laundering, ‘gold-doping’, and trading with high-risk customers at Perth Mint.

Mr Love said WA’s global reputation was being further damaged as more revelations around governance and compliance issues continued to surface.

“Since just last week, the London Bullion Market Association has launched their own investigation into Gold Corp, and we have seen new revelations of a series of breaches of the US State Model Commodity Code,” Mr Love said.

“There is clearly more to this story than the McGowan Labor Government is letting on, which is why we called on the Premier to support a Royal Commission into Perth Mint.”

Mr Love said West Australians deserve the truth and a Royal Commission has the power to compel both the Premier and Minister to give evidence under oath, which other inquiries and reviews are not able to do.

“As more revelations about the problems at Gold Corp come to light, it becomes almost unbelievable that the Premier didn’t know what was occurring,” Mr Love said.

“It’s up to the Premier and his scapegoat Minister Bill Johnston to prove this isn’t a cover-up, and come clean about what they knew, when they knew it, and what actions they took.

“Ultimately, they are responsible for Gold Corp and it is the WA taxpayer who could be on the hook for any penalties.

“This is why a Royal Commission is vital to ensure an open and transparent review, as well as provide a series of recommendations which must be considered by Government.”

Mr Love said he was disappointed at both the Premier and WA Labor’s refusal to support the establishment of a Royal Commission in Parliament today but would continue to fight for a review.

“The Royal Commission is the only effective vehicle to put a strong spotlight on the governance and mismanagement at this State-owned entity,” Mr Love said.

“Action must be taken to restore trust in this West Australian icon, regain the confidence of the WA public, and reclaim WA’s global reputation as a gold industry State.