Latest Perth Mint announcement vindication of Opposition’s calls

Opposition Leader Shane Love has labelled Perth Mint’s decision to shut down its GoldPass program as a vindication of the Opposition’s continued concern.

Mr Love said questioning of the Mint’s management of its responsibilities under federal Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AMLCTF) legislation have been repeatedly dismissed by the McGowan Labor Government.

“Pressure remains on the embattled Minister for Mines and the Premier to explain why the Perth Mint chose to venture into this e-trading platform,” said Mr Love.

“The Opposition have been persistent in our calls for the McGowan Labor Government to detail the alleged issues at Gold Corporation, including those which occurred under the Premier’s watch.”

“Recently, the Minister made an announcement to review the ownership structure of the State-owned entity, at a time the Premier was overseas and the world was watching a total eclipse at Exmouth – in a clear attempt to avoid transparency.

Perth Mint’s most recent announcement comes during an AUSTRAC investigation into allegations the Mint may have breached AMLCTF laws.

“The Opposition supports the Mint taking steps in the right direction to mitigate ongoing AMLCTF risks the Mint and taxpayers face,” he said.

“However, as we await the findings of AUSTRAC the appropriateness of the Mint’s operations must be subject to robust investigation.

“A Royal Commission is the best way to ensure the full facts behind the recent raft of revelations, brought to light in both the Parliament and the media, are exposed.