Regional Western Australian’s abandoned by Labor again

Shadow Electoral Affairs Minister Hon Mia Davies MLA said the Labor Party’s submission on adjusting the State’s electoral boundaries confirms Labor’s contempt for regional WA.

“In two short years the McGowan Labor Government has abolished regional representation in the Upper House and are now arguing to cut another country seat and create a new one in the metropolitan area,” Ms Davies said.

“There can be no mistaking it, they are on a mission to silence regional communities and the people that live outside the Perth metropolitan area.”

“Despite the Labor Party claiming in their submission they only want minimal change, they have argued for the abolition of the North West Central electorate.”

Ms Davies said it had become second nature to this arrogant Premier and WA Labor to pull the wool over voter’s eyes, in this case saying their submission called for minimal change while actually culling a regional seat and significantly altering the remaining boundaries.

“It is clear Labor are seeking to carve up the State to suit their own political fortunes and hold onto power, rather than do what’s best for the people and communities across WA.

“The Labor Government has a track record of attacking regional communities evidenced by their decisions to shut down the native forestry industry, end live sheep export, and slashing Royalties for Regions.

“In 2017 Labor came to Government with cuts to funding for School of the Air, our Community Resource Centres and Moora Residential College, and then moved onto undermining legitimate industries that underpin jobs and communities like the rock lobster industry.

“They are a city-centric Party and the submission to the WA Electoral Commission prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Ms Davies said the population distribution in WA allowed for the Electoral Commission to retain the current 16 regional seats with minimal change required to meet the requirements of the Act.

“It is possible to make minimal changes to the boundaries within the requirements of the Act and maintain communities of interest,” she said.

“We have already seen Labor’s changes to the Legislative Council which will rip 18 dedicated seats out of the regions, a huge loss of regional representation.

“There’s no driver – other than a political imperative – to make massive changes to the Legislative Assembly at the same election.”

Ms Davies encouraged Local Governments, industry groups and concerned citizens to provide feedback on the submissions via the Electoral Commission.

“You have until 15 May to share your views with Commissioners and we need a strong response from regional residents, businesses and industry.”

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