Opposition believes WA deserves more from State Budget surplus

Opposition Leader and Nationals WA Leader Shane Love delivered his Budget-in-Reply today, highlighting the hard work of West Australians as the reason for the State’s abundant finances.

Mr Love thanked hard-working West Australians for their efforts in delivering a surplus of over $4 billion for both the State and Federal Governments.

“Despite the state’s financial position, West Australians face a cost-of-living crisis, a health system in disarray and a housing shortage so dire, most regional centres have a vacancy rate of less than one percent,” Mr Love said.

“Since coming to power in 2017, the McGowan Labor Government has increased household fees and charges by $1030, adding to the pressures of West Australian’s household budgets.

“What we saw last Thursday was a Premier branding himself the owner of this year’s operating surplus and only after he was questioned by the Opposition did he give any tribute to the hardworking people of WA.”

Mr Love said this Government was also developing a habit of making promises it cannot keep and WA deserves better, citing repeated failures by Labor to deliver projects and programs on time and on budget.

“The Opposition believes that a Budget which fails to deliver for the people of Western Australia is a broken Budget, and we believe WA deserves more,” he said.

“The Premier’s surplus may play well for a front page or at the National Cabinet table, but in a State with the ability to generate wealth like ours, West Australians have been forgotten.

“This Budget is a missed opportunity by the McGowan to show real support for the people that need it most.”