WA Prisoners Review Board must release parole decision in public interest

Shadow Justice Minister Tjorn Sibma is urging the WA Prisoners Review Board to publicly release its decision to grant parole to Luke Noormets, saying the community deserves to know why he was released from jail early.

“I am deeply troubled by this case. My thoughts are with the family and friends of Georgia Lyall and her young son. This is a tragedy and it is difficult to express the loss and grief they must be experiencing,” Mr Sibma said.

“In the interests of maintaining public confidence, it is essential that the WA Prisoners Review Board decision to release Noormets be released.

“The community deserves to know on what grounds that decision was made.

“In the absence of clear legal prohibitions, it is unclear why this information is being withheld.”

Mr Sibma said it was perplexing that the decision to release other high-profile offenders had been published but this case was being withheld.