National-Liberal Opposition Alliance call on WA Labor to come clean over botched Act

The National WA and WA Liberal Party have come together to urge the WA Labor Government to confirm their plans for future cultural heritage legislation.

Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationals WA Shane Love said landholders and businesses across the state are still in limbo over their future.

“Roger Cook and Toni Buti have botched the cultural heritage legislation in Western Australia,” Mr Love said.

“Three days after WA Labor indicated they were prepared to scrap their flawed legislation, West Australians are still no closer to understanding their rights or obligations.

“I now call on the Premier directly – come clean and answer questions around what your government’s plans are.”

Mr Love has also insisted Roger Cook and Tony Buti apologise for confusion and distress caused by the shambolic implementation of the Act.

“What remains clear is that WA Labor are not listening to the community,” Mr Love said.

“It’s the oldest Labor trick in the book – speak to interest groups behind closed doors to avoid speaking to everyday people.

“What West Australians deserve is more than an apology – they deserve a new Government.”

WA Liberal Leader Libby Mettam said it was incredulous that the Premier and his Minister were still missing in action.

“Day three of the chaos and confusion and the Premier and his Minister are still refusing to front up and answer some of the many questions raised as a result of this apparent backflip,” Ms Mettam said.

“This is a rudderless government, with the Premier and his Minister bunkered down behind closed doors scrambling to find a way out of the mess created under its watch while everyday West Australians are left in limbo.

“West Australians deserve to know what this apparent shift means, how these laws will be rolled back and what it means going forward.

“To leave these questions unanswered for three days smacks of arrogance and indifference to those who are most impacted.

“The only thing that is clear is that it is an absolute debacle made worse by the Cook Labor Government’s inability or unwillingness to answer these critical questions.”