Opposition Leader Shane Love calls on Federal Government to reverse decision to cut skilled migrant worker intake

Opposition Leader Shane Love has called on the Federal Labor Government to explain and reverse its reported decision to cut down the number of WA’s nominated skilled migrant intake by 70 per cent.

“Western Australia is the economic powerhouse of the country and this decision by the Federal Labor Government undermines the workforce of this state,” Mr Love said.

“WA doesn’t need an embassy, we need the 14 Federal Government members to prove they are up to the job our state elected them to do.

“The Premier himself told West Australians his Federal Labor Colleagues weren’t representing our interests in Canberra – this is proof.

“We don’t need a Batman, we need a Premier – one that won’t sit idly by while the Albanese Labor Government attempts to gut our resources.

“Western Australia is reliant on a skilled migrant work force and any decision by the Federal Labor Government to cut our state’s intake is completely misguided and ignorant to the needs of WA.

“Our state is gripped by critical worker shortages across a number of sectors, including health and housing, and now is not the time to decrease the number of skilled workers coming in.

Mr Love said the reported decision was a further sign that Labor do not understand the needs of Western Australia and a Premier who is unable to make any headway with his federal colleagues in Canberra.

“The Federal Government needs to explain how they have come to this unexpected decision and the rationale behind compromising Western Australia’s future work force at such a critical time for our economy,” Mr Love said.

“A cynic would say the only possible reason for this decision is to set up a “win” for the beleaguered Premier Cook when this irrational, and frankly bizarre, decision is surely overturned.

“If this is the case, it is a true sign of desperation by Labor to win back favour with West Australians. If not, this is a sign of contempt held for WA.

“We know Western Australia is the kingmaker state and the Federal Labor Government have now seemingly forgotten who handed them their election win in 2022.

“I will write to the Prime Minister imploring him to re-examine this fundamentally flawed decision.”