12,673 people call for extended firearm reform consultation

Gaining a staggering 12,673 signatures in under three weeks, the Nationals WA have tabled a petition in Parliament calling on the Cook Labor Government to extend the consultation period for their proposed firearm reforms.

Following significant concerns expressed by the West Australian community, the Nationals WA and the Sporting Shooters Association of WA launched a petition to call on the Government to extend the consultation period from one month to three months to ensure the community has a realistic timeframe in which to provide feedback on these proposals.

Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationals WA Shane Love said the support for the petition indicated that thousands of people in the community were asserting their frustration regarding the Cook Labor Government’s flawed consultation processes.

“The Cook Labor Government has once again shown their arrogant disregard for the people of Western Australia with their ‘policy-on-the-run’ approach to legislation. This approach has no place in our state,” Mr Love said.

“Thousands of West Australians are standing united and demanding the Cook Labor Government show them some respect by taking community consultation seriously.

“It is ironic that this is also the day that the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act is to be repealed. With the production of that legislation a masterclass in ineffective consultation, and it appears as through Labor is set to repeat its mistakes.

Mr Love also slammed WA Labor’s Police Minister Paul Papalia for rejecting the thousands of calls to extend the consultation period, despite the Government admitting to botching a reform of cultural heritage legislation only months prior.

“From day one, the Nationals WA called for an extension of consultation. Now, despite thousands of West Australians backing the Nationals’ call, Minister Papalia has rejected an extension. Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Member for the Agricultural Region Colin de Grussa said The Nationals WA are listening closely to the concerns of West Australians.

“The Nationals WA have committed to representing the interests of all West Australians by advocating for an extended consultation period,” Mr de Grussa said.

“More than 12,000 signatures on this petition reflects the urgent need for the arrogant Cook Labor Government extend the consultation period and actually listen to the community.

“It is now in the Government’s hands to act in good faith and respect the calls of thousands of West Australians, rather than continue their legacy of not listening to the community.”