Shadow Ports Minister Colin de Grussa Slams Labor’s Broken Promises and Chaotic Infrastructure Approach

In response to today’s announcement of the Cook Labor Government’s preferred design and location for the planned Kwinana container terminal, Shadow Ports Minister Colin de Grussa reiterated his concerns about the Government’s track record of unfulfilled promises and chaotic infrastructure planning.

Mr de Grussa said over the last two years he had consistently voiced scepticism in Parliament regarding the Labor Government’s ability to deliver Westports within the promised timeframe and budget.

“It is disingenuous for the Cook Labor Government to make such commitments, mirroring their pattern of broken promises in the infrastructure sector.

“The Cook Labor Government’s admission of escalating costs, coupled with a delayed completion date extending beyond 2032, paints a grim picture for the project.

“I have maintained in Parliament that this project may not see completion until at least 2040, posing a serious problem as the freight task continues to grow with no alternative plan in sight from the Labor Government.”

Highlighting the lack of a clear strategy, Mr de Grussa said Labor had no handle on the scale of the freight task or the investment required to sustain Fremantle Port until the Westports project is delivered.

“The consequences of this mismanagement will be felt by West Australians, as Leach Highway transforms into Perth’s longest carpark, causing disruptions for everyday commuters heading to school, work, or anywhere in between,” he said.

“Port users at Fremantle are also left in the dark, unsure whether to invest in infrastructure upgrades or wait indefinitely for a business case and a clear transition timeline to the new port. Labor’s chaotic and unplanned approach to infrastructure will not only hold our state back but will also impose significant financial burdens on us all.

“It is incumbent on the Cook Labor Government to be open and transparent with the people of Western Australia and address the critical issues surrounding Westport.

“The Westports debacle emphasises the need for responsible governance in managing Western Australia’s infrastructure challenges.”