Environmental approval overhaul is just another empty promise from Labor

Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Nationals WA Shane Love has labelled the Premier’s recent announcement on the state’s environmental approvals process as another empty promise.

Yesterday the Premier Roger Cook admitted the current process for environmental approvals on significant projects was failing, leading to blown out wait times and hits to Western Australia’s economic development.

Cook then revealed the system would be overhauled, costing WA taxpayers some $18 million dollars.

“The Cook Labor Government has allowed the system to fall behind and after years of pressure from the industry, they had no choice but to complete an overhaul” Mr Love said.

“Labor have had seven years in Government and despite the promises of the so-called Streamline WA program, they have wasted those seven years, unable to find a solution to this issue.”

Mr Love expressed the need for an efficient and effective overhaul and not another case of pointless and wasted bureaucracy. The timeliness of all approvals must improve, not just the projects the government decides are of state significance.

“The Government cannot be rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic – we need a genuine and effective approval process not one where certain projects are dealt with quickly, leading to other applicants waiting longer for decisions.

“The Cook Labor Government have made many announcements around speeding up approvals and it will be no surprise when they break them again.

“It is of the upmost importance that this Government gets it right so our state can continue to be the powerhouse of the nation, while providing effective environmental protection.”