Regional worker housing numbers go backwards under Labor amid housing crisis

The housing crisis continues to go from bad to worse under the Cook Labor Government with new figures showing there is less housing for government workers in the regions than in 2017.

In response to parliamentary questions, it was revealed there are less Government Regional Officer Housing (GROH) properties now than when Labor was elected.

Shadow Housing Minister Steve Martin MLC said it was a stark reminder that Labor doesn’t care about regional Western Australia.

“To go from 5228 GROH properties in 2017 to only 5147 in June 2023 points to a government that does not know how to govern,” Mr Martin said.

“It defies belief that they have gone backwards and haven’t added a single property to this critical area of housing in more than seven years in government.

“This is a government that is quick to lament how hard it is to get critical frontline workers to our regional areas but apparently hasn’t thought about how they’re going to house them.

“That’s less housing for regional police, doctors, teachers and public servants, who need to be on the ground for regional communities to function effectively.

Government Regional Officer Housing is administered by the Department of Communities and provides accommodation for government employees such as teachers, health workers and police to deliver services in regional WA.

“We know crime is out of control in many places across the state, health staff are hard to attract and harder to keep and too many government services are only accessible over the phone or with a trip to Perth.

“The issue of housing cuts across so many areas, particularly in the bush.

“I would have thought this should have been a priority for the Minister but instead it is yet another abject failure from a government that has let regional WA down time and time again.”