Government failure to address ambulance ramping continues

Final ramping figures for March have highlighted that the Cook Government are failing to address record ramping which continues to rise under WA Labor.

“It is evident that patient safety is not receiving the prioritisation it deserves from this Government,” Liberal Leader and Shadow Minister for Health, Libby Mettam said.

“The increase in ramping figures not only reflects the immense strain placed on our nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers but also raises serious concerns about the well-being and timely care of patients.

“For patients to wait over 9,220 hours in ambulances outside of hospitals in a three-month period is simply inexcusable.

“We keep hearing from the Health Minister that this government is committed to addressing the ramping issue, and that figures are trending down, however, this is clearly not the case with March’s figures increasing five per cent to 3,409.7 hours, the highest recorded figure for 2024.

“Unbelievably, over the first three months of 2024 the Cook Government have already exceeded the annual ramping figure for 2017.

“For ramping figures to continue to increase after the Cook Government has invested $487 million to improving access to emergency care including a “Patient Transport Coordination Hub” simply underscores the inadequacy of piecemeal solutions.

“This is a government who had promised to address ambulance ramping as a priority when in Opposition, citing over 1,030 hours in one month as a horror story.

“It is time for the Cook Government to acknowledge the severity of the situation and commit to genuine, sustainable solutions that prioritise patient safety and alleviate the strain on our healthcare system and our healthcare workers.”