State Government still devoid of answers for hundreds of Niche customers

Opposition Leader Shane Love MLA has lashed the Cook Labor Government for failing to stand up for hundreds of WA families experiencing delays from embattled builder Niche Living.

“Despite multiple questions this week, the Government remains evasive about their dealings with Niche Living and whether support will be made available to affected customers,” Mr Love said.

“While the Minister for Commerce confirmed a meeting with Niche Living has taken place, she has repeatedly refused to provide any detail about the information shared or the accuracy of Niche’s claims.”

Mr Love said repeated attempts to ask questions of the Minister during Question Time had been stonewalled.

“Despite repeated attempts to get answers from the Minister, the Opposition has had to resort to lodging Freedom of Information requests to uncover what transpired during the Minister’s private meeting with Niche Living management.

“It begs the question – what does the Cook Labor Government have to hide?”

Mr Love also raised concerns about the State Government issuing stamp duty bills to Niche Living customers already facing financial and emotional distress.

“An 85-year-old retiree from Applecross was forced to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars from his superannuation to pay stamp duty to Revenue WA while his home remains incomplete.

“While the Government claims to sympathise with Niche Living customers, they cruelly burden these families with more fees and charges when they can least afford it.

Mr Love called on the Treasurer to review and halt the practice of Revenue WA demanding stamp duty payments from customers with unfinished homes.

“The Treasurer needs to recognise the dire financial situation many Niche customers are in and act with empathy and urgency.

“A mere commitment to ‘follow up’ with the Minister for Finance is insufficient.

“Sending a $20,000 stamp duty bill to a family with nowhere to live shows this Government simply doesn’t care.

Mr Love criticised the Government’s lack or urgency and failure to effectively address the Niche Living crisis.

“The Government has known about the issues with Niche for over a year, yet there’s still no
concreate plan to address this crisis.

“The Opposition will relentlessly pursue these matters on behalf of Niche Living customers during
Budget Estimates in the Legislative Council next week.”