A new bp Australia feasibility study is a major vote of confidence in the future of the hydrogen sector in Western Australia according to Dr David Honey, Leader of the WA Liberal Party and Shadow Minister for State Development; Energy; Hydrogen; Science; Innovation & ICT.
Dr Honey welcomed that release of the feasibility study findings which found that the production of green hydrogen and ammonia using renewable energy is technically feasible at scale in Australia and that Western Australia is ideally positioned for green hydrogen and green ammonia production.
“The study confirms my-long held belief that Western Australia has the unique opportunity to develop a major new industry that can produce clean hydrogen energy for domestic use and massive new export markets.
‘vast potential solar and wind resources, existing infrastructure and proximity to large, long-term markets, Western Australia is an ideal place to develop large scale renewable energy assets that can in turn produce green hydrogen and/or green ammonia for domestic and export markets.’ Bp Australia.
“There is no question that Western Australia’s natural gas industry has been and will remain an important export industry for decades. This industry was built on the foresight and long-term vision of Sir Charles Court and the Liberals 50 years ago.
“However, the key question is what WA Labor are doing to open up massive new long term export opportunities in the clean hydrogen and new critical minerals such as lithium.
“The honest answer to this question is that WA Labor are doing very little because Western Australia’s State Development Minister, Roger Cook, is completely overwhelmed trying to manage Labor’s health crisis.
“Western Australia urgently needs a focused State Development Minister with a long-term vision for energy exports and the ability secure the necessary infrastructure investment for this new industry such as Oakajee Port.
“The bp study correctly highlights that Western Australian needs to make major new investment in infrastructure to make this new exciting hydrogen sector a reality.
“Instead of investing in this critical infrastructure, WA Labor has only delivered a plan for a plan with no actual investment in clean energy exports.
“In comparison, the Queensland Government has announced a commitment of a $2 billion fund for renewable energy and hydrogen even though it is in a budget deficit position.
“The people of Western Australia have every right to ask what is the WA Labor Government doing so we can effectively compete with other areas of Australia so we can quickly establish this new industry.
“Why for example, has the WA Labor Government not invested in a muchneeded common user infrastructure at Oakajee to unlock clean energy, critical mineral and value-adding export industries in the Midwest,” he said.