Regional electricity customers being disconnected at the rate of one nearly every hour

New figures show that regional households are being hit the hardest in Western Australia by power disconnections.
Dr David Honey, WA Liberal Leader and Shadow Minister for Energy, said it was very disturbing that Horizon Power had disconnected regional customers 20 times the rate on a per customer basis as compared with Synergy last month.
“The latest power disconnections figures show that during July 2021, which is the coldest and wettest month of the year, Horizon Power disconnected 606 homes in regional Western Australia while Synergy disconnected 578 homes in the Perth metropolitan area and the SWIS network.
“Regional electricity consumers are now being disconnected at the rate of 1 nearly every hour despite tariff equalisation existing in Western Australia.
“I questioned the Hon Bill Johnston, the Minister for Energy in Parliament on this unacceptable hardship now being endured by regional power consumers.
“The Minister’s explanation made no sense. He offered no reasons to explain why Synergy can work with their customers to minimise disconnections whilst it appears it is the opposite case with Horizon.
“This is another example of the Labor Government treating regional Western Australians as second-class citizens.
“This neglect of regional Western Australians has been highlighted by their unsuccessful plans to previously close School of The Air and Moora Residential College.
“They are further turning their backs on regional Western Australia with plans to reduce voting rights of people outside Perth for which they have no electoral mandate.
“This will lead to even an even further reduction in services and a more limited voice in Parliament to raise legitimate issues such as a higher rate of power disconnections in regional Western Australia,” he said.