First Queensland, now NSW leapfrogs WA in green hydrogen race

Just a few days after the announcement that Andrew Forrest is developing a green hydrogen production and manufacturing facility in Queensland, the NSW Liberal Government has announced a $3 billion hydrogen incentives package to deliver a massive $80 billion in green hydrogen investment.
“NSW and Queensland are off and racing when it comes to the green hydrogen race, while Western Australia is still in the changerooms,” said Liberal Leader and Shadow Hydrogen Minister David Honey.
“Green hydrogen is a massive energy exports opportunity that will deliver billions of dollars in investment to Western Australian manufacturing and provide high skilled, value-add jobs for current and future generations.
“The problem is unlike iron, oil and gas, which is in a fixed location, green hydrogen can be produced in many places around Australia and around the world.
“Western Australia has outstanding renewable energy resources and comparative advantages in energy expertise, infrastructure and global relationships, we need to be using them.
“Unfortunately, the Premier and Treasurer McGowan, Hydrogen Minister MacTiernan, State Development Minister Cook and Energy Minister Johnston do not understand the economic potential of hydrogen exports and value-adding, let alone a bold plan on how to deliver it.
“The truth is this government is a one-trick pony and has no clear economic plan for Western Australia’s future.
“Across the decades, the Liberals have delivered the North-West Shelf, Gorgon and Wheatstone energy projects and this is the next great opportunity.
“Can you name one major energy project that WA Labor has ever delivered?
“The Liberals had a clear plan on green hydrogen at the last election.
“A good first start, WA Labor needs to develop the Oakajee Industrial Estate and transmission line to Geraldton, not just budget an embarrassing $7 million that will deliver nothing more than a roundabout to the entrance.
“It is well known that WA Labor’s Hydrogen Strategy is woefully inadequate and as a result Western Australia is now in last position in the hydrogen race.
“The green hydrogen race should be above politics and we are happy to work with WA Labor to make our state a world leader but every day that WA Labor dithers the further Western Australia gets left behind,’ he said.