Andrew Forrest calls out Labor Government for WA being left behind in green hydrogen race

In his address to the National Press Club today Andrew Forrest called out Premier Mark McGowan, State Development Minister Roger Cook and Hydrogen Minister Alannah MacTiernan as being collectively responsible for
Western Australia missing out in billions of dollars in green hydrogen investment.
This week, Andrew Forrest announced plans to establish a $1 billion green hydrogen manufacturing facility in Queensland with the support of the Queensland Government.
It was followed by an announcement by the New South Wales Liberal Government of $3 billion hydrogen incentives to deliver $80 billion in green hydrogen investment.
In his speech, Mr Forrest said that he urged Premier McGowan to invest in facilitating the development of a new green hydrogen industry in Western Australia without receiving any commitments.
He also referred to State Development Minister Cook and Hydrogen Minister MacTiernan as dithering on key decisions needed to drive investment in this massive new high skill job creating industry in Western Australia.
Liberal Leader and Shadow Hydrogen Minister David Honey said that Mr Forrest’s comments confirmed that Western Australia was losing out in the international green hydrogen race because of the abject failure of the Labor State Government.
“Western Australia needs to urgently diversify and invest in new industries such as hydrogen because our economy is too reliant on iron ore exports.
“Green hydrogen is a massive economy opportunity for Western Australia with hydrogen exports potentially delivering thousands of high skilled valued added jobs over many decades.
“The reality is that Western Australia could become world leaders in hydrogen production because the State has outstanding renewable energy resources and other key advantages in energy expertise, infrastructure and global relationships.
“These comments by Mr Forrest reinforce that neither the Premier Mark McGowan, Hydrogen Minister MacTiernan and State Development Minister Cook have no vision or plan to deliver this massive new industry in Western Australia.
“His comments vindicate our call for State Development Cook and Hydrogen Minister MacTiernan to be stripped of their portfolios before Western Australia loses even further ground international hydrogen race.
“Their portfolios should be immediately given to people with the commitment and ability to get Western Australia back into the hydrogen race as soon as possible,” he said.