McGowan’s attack on Andrew Forrest is immature, irresponsible and hypocritical

The Premier’s attack on Andrew Forrest and his bold plan for green hydrogen was immature and irresponsible, designed to mask WA Labor’s failures on providing the necessary infrastructure to grow this exciting new sector right here in Western Australia.
“It defies belief Andrew Forrest was unable to develop the first global green hydrogen energy hub here in Western Australia because WA Labor failed to provide basic industrial land,” said Liberal Leader and Shadow Hydrogen Minister David Honey.
“What I find disappointing and irresponsible is the Premier’s attempt to deflect from his failures with his disingenuous comments in parliament yesterday suggesting that he is not going to give taxpayers money toward this endeavour.
“He is not being asked to give taxpayers money to multinationals, he is being asked to do his job and provide common user infrastructure and industrial land to unlock private sector investment.
“Why would the Premier attack a great Western Australian and a great Western Australian company?
“The reality is, Andrew Forrest is willing to invest billions to develop this new and exciting industry with highly skilled jobs for current and future generations.
“Instead, these jobs are now being created in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania because the Premier has failed to provide basic common user infrastructure, which is the responsibility of the state government.
“The Premier’s failure on this green hydrogen opportunity is scandalous.
“A good first start will be to construct the Oakajee Industrial Estate and the electricity transmission line to Geraldton.
“The Premier has a glass jaw when he is held to account for his failures, and he lashes out with immature and irresponsible attacks.
“He should get on with the job and prepare Western Australia for the green hydrogen jobs of the future,” he said.