Fight for live export future must be put to Federal Cabinet

The Opposition has reiterated its calls for the new Agriculture Minister to take her promise to support the live export industry to her Federal colleagues while the Albanese Government is in WA.

Shadow Agriculture and Food Minister Colin de Grussa said the Minister’s commitment to supporting the sustainable sector in WA was a good start but now is the time for action.

Mr de Grussa said the Minister must take her stance to the Prime Minister while he is in WA this week and demand he changes his Government’s plans to decimate the industry.

“The Albanese Government had not been shy about its plans to ban the live sheep trade in Western Australia, despite its delivery of $136 million to the State’s economy,” Mr de Grussa said.

“To bring confidence back into the industry and global market, Minister Jarvis must make a guarantee that she will not back down from this fight against her Federal colleagues.

“In addition, Minister Jarvis and her Federal Colleagues must guarantee that our live cattle export industry will continue and is not being jeopardised by the Albanese Government’s ill-conceived plan to shut down live sheep exports.

“The livelihoods of West Australian farmers and producers, their families, and their communities rely on the new Agriculture Minister to stand up for them.”

Mr de Grussa said there needs to be open and transparent communication from the McGowan Labor Government about how they intend to engage with the Albanese Government on this issue.

“We need the Minister to clearly outline what measures she will take to broach this subject with her Federal colleagues and restore commercial confidence in the live export industry.

“Last week, I urged the Minister to take the live export fight to the Prime Minister and I encourage her to take the opportunity to discuss it with him face-to-face while the Albanese Government is in WA.

“Minister Jarvis’ fresh commitment to supporting the live export trade must be more than just words, there needs to be practical action by the McGowan Labor Government to keep the industry alive and ensure our live cattle exports are not collateral damage.”